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Client Testimonials

What Realtors Say About Our Staff & Publication

Megan Neel

Re/Max Estate Properties

Chris, I would Just like to thank you and Jessica for the great job you have been doing for me and my business. The layouts are classy. It has the look of a quality publication, not just another tattered circular laying under my car in the driveway. I was amazed by the number of people who called on my listings. In my many years in real estate, I must admit that print ads have rarely brought a response like this magazine. Most importantly, my clients agree and love this magazine. I have found a new & quality advertising home. 

Matt Waxman

Ossia Real Estate Group

I am supporting this magazine because, by far, it is the best looking. most well designed, magazine to ever hit the South Bay.  I am tired of picking up other real estate magazines in my driveway, under my car, on the lawn, or out in the street. I have known Chris for 12 years. He does it right. 30,000 copies right in the mail box of affluent home owners. Need I say more…. 

Gary Richardson

Strand Hill Properties

This is a great magazine that offers style and elegance. I have received many calls from my ads in the magazine, and Chris and his daughters are great to work with. I am quite happy with this product, and I will continue to support it. 

Rob Freeman

Re/Max Estate Properties

I have known Chris for years, beginning when he created a successful real estate section at Easy Reader years ago. Chris is a great guy and is someone with whom it is easy to work. He is now on his own with his daughters and offering a very classy, upscale product that is being mailed to 30,000 homes. Mailing makes a difference, and I have received nothing but good comments and feedback. Good job, Chris. 

Jack McSweeney

Re/Max Estate Properties

Thank you, Chris, for bringing such a high quality real estate magazine to the South Bay. We live and sell real estate in such a unique area, it needed this and you provided it. I look forward to going to my mailbox again. 

Cindy Shearin

Strand Hill Properties

I have known Chris for quite some time. He is a great guy, and he and his daughters are very easy to work with. Recently, Chris & his daughters stayed up until after midnight to get my “Featured Home Cover” and two-page spread “just right.” They wanted my ad to work for me, and I was impressed by this level of dedication & service. This magazine is mailed to 30,000 home owners. The distribution of this magazine is amazing. Every home by direct mail? There is no better way to reach buyers and sellers. 

Kerry Dawson

NW Real Estate Brokers

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful … that’s what this magazine is. In the first issue I received tons of calls from my clients who received it at their homes, telling me how nice the magazine is and how good my profile looks. I got a call from New Zealand from my daughter, saying her friends had emailed her a digital version from Facebook. People read this magazine.  It is elegant and appealing. I am a fan. 

Audrey Judson

Re/Max Estate Properties

I am impressed by the style & upscale designs of this magazine.   I am even more impressed that it is being mailed to 30,000 homes.   I have known Chris for over a decade and he knows the needs of our market. This magazine is a great product. 

Aaron Klapper

Strand Hill Properties

I was totally impressed when this magazine came out. I received calls on my listings which led to an opportunity to meet with two new potential clients. The magazine looks great, is beautifully designed, and and the customer service is awesome. I am totally happy with this magazine and its team. I have obtained new clients and have had direct talks with new buyers. I recently sold a $1.9 million dollar home directly from this publication.